Our cutting-edge technologies serving the armed forces.

Reducing the soldier’s burden and facilitating human body thermoregulation are central concerns for armies worldwide. At Mawashi, we fully understand this. The UPRISE® tactical exoskeleton, along with the range of highly technological clothing and equipment ARISETM, have been specifically designed to address these needs. Discover our innovative solutions tailored for the warrior and armed forces.

UPRISE® load-bearing exoskeleton

A patented solution that has undergone rigorous field testing and has been selected by the elite forces of the United States!

No external power source is required for operation. The equipment precisely follows the user’s movements throughout their mission.

The exoskeleton features an articulated external spine, a sliding belt allowing hip rotation, and ergonomically designed articulated legs for optimal functionality.

Our promise

  • Enhanced comfort during heavy load transportation
  • Improved operational efficiency on the battlefield
  • Superior agility and maximum mobility
  • Decreased risk of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Reduced fatigue