Maximizing human potential one innovation at a time.

Our flagship products

UPLIFTTM : the muscle-assistive exoskeleton for back, knees and shoulders

  • Prevent injuries

  • Increase physical endurance up to 40 %.

  • Become the role model in workplace health and safety.

Construction, masonry, material handling, manufacturing, or any other industry with a need for physical assistance… Explore the numerous benefits of equipping your labor workforce with the modular exoskeleton UPLIFTTM.

UPRISE®  load-bearing exoskeleton

A patented solution endorsed by the Pentagon, proven effective in the harshest field conditions, and chosen by 6 armed forces worldwide.


The T-RED is a complete individual protective gear that can be used when recreating combat simulations to minimize the risk of harm while training.
Extremely mobile, very light and breathable, it offers a training experience that goes beyond simple body protection, transforming practice sessions into accurate transcripts of reality.

Why choose Mawashi

  • Cutting-edge innovative solutions
  • High quality products at competitive prices
  • Unparalleled accompanying experience
  • A readily available support network
  • Elite-approved expertise in physical assistance and biomimicry
  • A user-centric approach where the user is at the heart of all decisions

Our research and development services

A challenge related to load manipulation/handling or comfort? A specific need for user interface? Mawashi is your solution. Our specialized human factors laboratory (biomechanics, physiology, ergonomics) is on the cutting edge of technology, and our experts have over 20 years of experience in designing wearable systems to prevent injuries, industrial design, and textile products. We create the solution you require.

About Mawashi

Founded in 2003 in Quebec and with over 20 years of research and development expertise, Mawashi is a global leader in designing exoskeletons and other body-worn systems for specialized clientele. Our inspiration: nature, plain and simple. Our purpose: protect human health, maximizing individual potential, and advancing science and technology through innovative solutions that foster the well-being of society. A serious mission we joyfully embrace.

Join our team!

Is innovation your passion, and do you aspire to make a positive impact on people’s health and well-being? Are you naturally ingenious, honest, and determined? An exciting career at Mawashi awaits you. Here, fun and collaboration come together. Share your ingenuity, integrity, and determination with us. Explore all the benefits of working with us.